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If you’re thinking ‘How do I sell my story for cash’ or ‘How do I sell my story to the press’ Then you’ve come to the right place.

NationalStorySeller is a news and features agency run by a team of respected journalists with more than 12 years’ experience of writing and supplying real-life and news stories to publications such as The News of the WorldThe Daily Mail, The SunCloser and Bella.

We have helped thousands of people just like you who asked us ‘How do I sell my real life story’ or ‘How do I sell my story to a magazine’  to make the most amount of money possible from their story. We pride ourselves on helping our clients through each step of the process without taking a penny for our services.

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How Do I Sell My Story to the Press?

To find out if your story is worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds, fill in the contact sheet to the left and we will call you back for an off-the-record discussion to tell you how much it is worth and see how we can help. Alternatively, call 020 8050 1046.

Sell My Story for Cash

So, have you got a real life story about love, marriage, betrayal or revenge? 
Do you know something about a celebrity or someone on a reality television show? 
Have you been through a court case and are ready to tell your side of the story?
Do you have an unusual phobia or addiction? 
Maybe you have a health story where you or a loved one have overcome the odds? 

Whatever your story, get in touch today and let NationalStorySeller help maximise its potential. Stop thinking ‘How do I sell my story for cash’ and let us do it for you!!

How much is my story worth?

It all depends on what story you have! It could be worth anything from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds!

Because we are not affiliated to any newspaper or magazine, we can shop around and get you the best price for your story, and what’s more we don’t take a penny of your fee for our services.

If you’re still thinking ‘I want to sell my Celebrity Story’ or ‘I want to sell my real life story’ but you want to find out more about how the process works…

Click here and we will explain in detail how we will help you sell your story.