It could be you!

We’re working on lots of stories at the moment – but we need your help! If you or anyone you know fits the bill for any of these stories, get in touch to earn big money.

We’re looking to talk to women who were bullied for the thing that has made them successful. Are you a model who was bullied for her looks at school? Perhaps you were labelled a geek and are now a doctor?

We’re looking to talk to women who regret something about the way they bought up their children. Maybe you sent your child to boarding school and aren’t as close as you wish you were? Perhaps you didn’t go back to work and ended up resentful? Or did you follow all the rules and wished you’d had more fun with your children? Whatever it is, if you’d change it given the chance, get in touch!

We’re looking to talk to women who can pinpoint a moment in their lives that changed its course forever. It could be the moment you walked out of uni and set up your own business. Or the moment you got into a car with a drink driver. Or even the moment you decided to get help for an addiction. What were the consequences of that moment and how have they made your life different?

We’re looking to speak to women who went against tradition and have no regrets. It could be that you had your baby very young and now you’re best friends. Or you left school before your exams and now run a successful business. Or maybe you quit your law degree to be a make-up artist.

We’re looking to speak to women who find it hard to find a man because of their job. Do you have a job that puts men off? Perhaps you work in pest control? Or maybe you have a traditionally male job like a farmer or collecting bins?

We’re looking to speak to women who have a secret addiction! Do you find it impossible to stop yourself buying shoes/handbags/nail varnish? Perhaps you’re addicted to getting your hair blow dried? Do you hide the amount you spend from your partner?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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