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FAQ - How do I sell my story?

Q. How much will I get from my story?
A. That depends totally on your story! The biggest stories can go for tens of thousands of pounds, while others will be worth hundreds.

Q. How can I find out how much my story is worth?
A. Fill in the form with your name, phone number and a brief summary of your story  and one of our team will give you a call to let you know how much it is worth – it’s that simple! Or, you can call the number on the homepage and we can let you know straight away.

Q. How long will I have to wait for payment?
A. You will usually be paid once the story has been published and this can take anywhere from two to six weeks.

Q. Why should I use NationalStorySeller and not go directly to a magazine or newspaper.
A. Normally, you will get a lot more money for your story coming through us.
Firstly, we are in a unique position to shop around on your behalf and get the highest amount possible, and our contacts at all the leading publications makes this a lot easier.
Secondly, many papers will want your story exclusively to themselves, but we can maximise your money by selling your story to several publications at once if you would prefer.
Many people often feel intimidated by going straight to the press, and don’t know how much their story is worth, while we can talk you through every step along the way and make the whole process a lot less stressful. We can also tell you before you sign your story over how much you will get and give you a contract stating this.
Also, because we sell stories EVERY day to the newspapers and magazines, we know how much your story should be worth and so can give you an instant idea of this sum.
And as well as being expert writers, we are known for being the toughest negotiators in the business!

Q. How much does this service cost? Do you take a cut of my money?
A. The service costs nothing, and we don’t take a penny of what you make. We get paid separately for writing the story.

Q. How do I know I will get paid?
A. When we have found out how much a newspaper or magazine is willing to pay – and if you are happy to proceed – we will provide you with a legally binding contract stating this amount on it and how long it will take to pay.

Q. Can I see my story before it goes to print?
A. One of our writers will read the story over the phone with you before it is published to make sure you are completely happy with what has been written.

Q. Can I stay anonymous?
A. Most papers or magazines will pay more for your story if you agree to be named and photographed. If you have an exceptional story, you may be able to stay anonymous. If you have a tip about someone or want to pass some information on then you can stay totally anonymous but still be paid what the story is worth.