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What Stories Sell?

The beauty of NationalStorySeller is that EVERYONE has a story to tell – and we can not only give you a platform to tell it, but also help you make money from it!

Whatever the story, STOP thinking ‘How do I sell my real life story?’ or Who will by my story?’, fill out the form on the left hand side of the page, and we will contact you right away to tell you how much your story could make.

What’s stopping you?

We receive dozens of requests from national magazines and newspapers every week, with editors looking for a particular case study or theme from people just like you wanting to sell a true story to the press or sell celebrity photos to the press

You could be sitting on a story worth thousands of pounds.

Here are a few ideas of the kind of story we help people like you tell every day! 

So whatever the story may be – whether you’re wanting to sell a story to a magazine, sell a story to a newspaper or sell celebrity photos to the press, - we guarantee to give you the best price for your story and guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

If you know you’ve got a great story but you’re not sure if you should tell people about it…

Click here to discover some of the many reasons why people decide to sell their stories