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Which Publication Will Feature my Story?

We have formed strong working relations over a number of years working with many respected media publications and organisations, from newspapers and magazines to radio and TV.

We deal with and sell our stories to all the major newspapers and magazines. So whether you want to sell a celebrity story to The Sun or sell a real life story to The Mirror or Daily Mail, or you’d prefer to sell a story to a magazine such as Grazia or Closer, or sell celebrity photos to Take a Break and Bella – we have the contacts to make it happen!

We also have countless contacts and excellent links throughout the media with leading Radio and TV stations, giving us the best possible chance of helping you sell a story to the TV as well as being featured in a national publication!

Because we only work with the best we can be sure that you will always get the best price for your story, and always be kept in the loop as to how your story is progressing.

We will always go out of our way to place your article or photos in the paper or magazine that would best suit your story. We understand that stories of a sensitive nature must be treated as such and so we will only approach a publication that will treat your stories as sensitively as we will.

Below are a selection of the magazines and newspapers we deal with:

Best Chat Closer
best magazine chat magazine closer magazine
Daily Star Daily Mail Fabulous
daily star newspaper daily mail newspaper fabulous magazine
Grazia Daily Mirror Sunday Mirror
grazia magazine daily mirror newspaper sunday mirror newspaper
Look More News of the World
look magazine more magazine news of the world newspaper
Now People Pick me up
now magazine people magazine pick me up magazine
Reveal The Sun Woman
reveal magazine the sun newspaper woman magazine

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