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We want your stories!!!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

NationalStorySeller gets approached by national newspapers and magazines every day for stories.

This week, we are especially on the look-out for anything with a medical theme.  Did you or a member of your family overcome an horrific accident or illness? Have you got a disease that only affects one in a million? Did you injure yourself in an unusual way but have overcome the odds? Have you had a miracle baby? Two sets of twins? Triplets when you thought you couldn’t conceive? An unusual pregnancy or birth?  Been cured of an illness that was believed to be incurable? Have you got photos showing a gruesome accident or illness? Did you become anorexic after childbirth, or bullying? Maybe you spent tens of thousands to look like a celebrity? Did a boob job go wrong? Did surgery leave you looking worse than before? Have you had surgery to beat the bullies?

Of course, if you have anything that doesn’t fit into these categories, we are still interested!!!

If you want to see how much your story is worth today, fill out the form on the left and we’ll get straight back!


Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Today we have sold a story about a woman losing all her teeth by the age of 30 to Love It! while another story of ours appeared in Bella magazine. Both stories made our clients more than £500. If you have a story and want to sell it to a national newspaper or magazine, get in touch today to find out how much it could be worth.